Gathering Your Herbs For Preparations

Each herP1000827b and its wonderful properties must be brought out in different way.

So, the first question I had was, does it really make a difference whether I prepare something when the moon is full, or not? Is it an old wives tale, or is there truth to it?

When615x200-ehow-images-a06-tb-0q-keep-fence-posts-straight-800x800 I was on a trip back east one time, a friend of ours who owns a small farm was driving us through the countryside. I mentioned that some of the fence posts on certain farms were straight and others were nearly falling over. Imagine my surprise when she told us that if the post weren’t put in near the full moon, then as the moon waxed, the gravity effect would begin to pull the fence posts with those tiny bits of iron in the wood, sideways, causing them to lean. Who knew?

So as I began learning about herbs and preparing them back in the late ‘80’s, I found similar things to hold true for plants.


  • New Moon to Full Moon (Waxing):Copyright Tibbles Photography, Hannah De Warrene

When you are gathering flowers and herbs that you will be using the portions above the ground, this is the best time for gathering them. Think of low tide as the moon is pulling it away from the earth, so in plants. The internal constituents and elements are being pulled away from the earth, making what is above ground the most potent at this time.

  • Full Moon to New Moon (Waning):

Attachment-1During this time, gravity is pressing down towards the earth, and in plants, especially those with bulbs and rhizomes, all that energy is pressing down to the root. It’s a perfect timing for digging and storing them.

The waning moon is also the best time for storing herbs.


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I encourage you to do your own research.  Learn everything you can on any given herb or medicine, and in doing so, you will be coming from a point of knowledge rather than hoping someone else is right.  It’s always better to learn from two or three good sources, and more if you have the inclination and time.









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