I Don’t Have Time To Wash My Hair! DIY Dry Shampoo

We all have them.  I know I do.  Those dreaded mornings or forgotten events that require your presence!  Getting up late for work, taking someone a forgotten lunch…whatever…it’s life.  So how do you leave the house without feeling awful all day? 240px-Arrowroot1

My favorite, my daughters, and my daughters-in-law love our dry shampoo for those days.  We make ours from Arrowroot.   It’s easily found at a health food stores, online, or depending on where you live, you can grow it…but for now, here in the desert, it’s not happening for awhile!

There are some who use cornstarch for this, but with corn being one of the predominant GMO crops, I don’t want any more genetic grown “Round-up” in my body orarrowroot on my skin.

After all, your skin in the largest delivery organ you have.  It absorbs nearly 70% of what you put on it; right into your system, not even waving hello to your immune system before it begins breaking down your DNA, literally.  Dr. Rebecca Carley M.D. does a great job of explaining these results, although so does Natural News.  Ok, I know my soap box is getting tall, so I will call it good and leave the rest of the research up to you!IMG_20150330_150333112

Because Arrowroot has always been used as a “drawing” herb, those tribes in South America, and Florida used it for sprinkling into arrow wounds.  It did a great job of drawing out the infection and posions.  It’s still one of my favorites for sprinkling the dry root on wounds or injuries and I always carry that and Cayenne Powder with me for emergencies.  I’ll write more on that next week.

So here’s the low down on this awesome dry shampoo.  Using an old blush brush or similar, and dipping it straight into a container of the arrowroot powder and stippling it directly to your scalp in small amounts, all that remains is to brush it through your hair, and style as usual.  It draws all the oil and dirt to itself, giving you that extra day when you need it!

For blonde hair, use the arrowroot directly.63

For Darker hair, add enough cocoa to darken arrowroot as needed.

There’s no exact formula, it’s a trial of what amount you need, to generally match your hair tone. I have light brown hair, and for me, I use 1 T cocoa, and 2 T arrowroot.

Let me know what tweaks you make, and how they work!


Move Over Burt’s Bees! DIY Lip Salve

Burt’s Bees…move over! I love that stuff so much, and wish I could afford it more often!

Then one of my sisters gave me a challenge; could I duplicate it? IMG_20150314_122451139

Well, here it is, and in the end it was so simple. All the fails were due to me, making it harder than it had to be.  It made 13, .25 oz pots.  I’m good for at least six months…or a year!

And without further ado, here is the recipe:

All Natural Lip Salve (Compare to Burt’s Bees)

  • 1 part beeswax (I used an ounce)
  • 1 part shea butter or coconut oil
  • 1 part Olive Oil
  • 15-20 drops of extract or oil (I used Lavender)
  • ½ t Vitamin E Oil

In a double boiler, I placed my beeswax and olive oil, till melted and stirIMG_20150314_123248874red well.
Lastly I placed my Shea Butter in, and dissolved it.

Taking it off the heat, I put in my Vitamin E oil, and the extract or essential oil in as well.  You could put a little Cocoa powder or Beet powder in for a blush of color.

Mix and pour! That’s it!   Enjoy!

DIY Homemade Vanilla Extract: You’ll Never Go Back!

Never in my life, did I think I would want to drink my homemade Vanilla!  It smells so heavenly every time I open the bottle.  In fact when I’m baking, my Hubby, and last daughter left at home, will remind me to 10088638306_d0cda98c66_zgo easy on the Vanilla!  But it is so hard!

I had never tasted real Vanilla until just four years ago.  I didn’t know what I was missing, but now that I do, and I realize it’s less expensive to have real vanilla than the weird, chemically laden substitute, I’m sold.

Making your own Vanilla is a snap.

1You’ll need:

  •  100 proof Vodka (50% Alcohol or stronger)
  • Vanilla Beans (The volume of Vanilla Bean is up to you.  I usually buy 1/2 lb, and divide them up between 3-4 qts, although some recipes only call for as little as 2 or 3 Vanilla Pods per quart.  I would rather concentrate those flavors, and use less, store less, and get better flavor, so I put quite a few in my jars.)


  • With a sharp knife, slice your vanilla pods lengthwise to open them up, and if they are longer than your jar, cut them in half so all your pods are immersed in the liquid at the end.
  • Divide your pods between your jars (I like quart size or larger)
  • Cover pods with Vodka until all bean are covered.
  • Put your lid on.1033249144001_2759315659001_video-still-for-video-2753386966001
  • Store in a cool dark place.
  • Shake Daily for two weeks (its more vital the first few days…)

When is it ready?  You could begin using your vanilla as early as six weeks, but I am a stickler for taste.  So mine will steep and age for nearly six months before I begin using it.

It makes all the difference in the world in baking, candies, and everything homeade-vanilla-6else.  Enjoy having enough Vanilla for years to come with practically no effort and minimal cost!

Try giving it as a gift!



Spring is Coming and so is the Knotgrass! An Herbal Wound Cleanser

Knotgrass is very nearly world-wide and inescapable! pigweed or knotgrass A common weed with uncommon abilities.

Used for centuries and maybe millennia, common Knotweed is an edible, medicinal and remarkable resource.

Knotweed is often used as a diruretic (to increase urine output and reduce water retention.)  A great aid for those with gout, as less uric acid is retained and doesn’t continue building up in the body.

ProstratePigweedAmaranthusBlitoides19July08_2Knotweed’s leaves act as an emollient, to soothe and soften the skin; they are also an anthelmintic used to expel worms Continue reading