Making Caledula Oil: Adding Quality to Your Life

This is part two of a series on Calendula’s amazing uses.

Whether you are using Calendula for it’s myriad health benefits, or in your cooking adventures, you are only limited by your imagination or Calendula’s benefits, both 1395432270_calendula-acneof which seem limitless!

Making and Infusing your Calendula Oil

There are two ways to infuse your oil. My preferred method is the “low and slow” way.  A method requiring a little time (2 weeks) to create a beautiful, deep orange, and herbally superior oil, for assisted healing of cuts, bruises, burns, dry, scaly or itchy skin,  and even athletes foot. It was said in medieval times to lift your mood.

Simple Calendula Oil Infusion

  1. imagesPlace the Calendula and EVOO together in your mason jar, and cap.  Be sure and label it with ingredients and date, (I like to put either the source for my Calendula or the year I raised it as well.)
  2. Shake the jar to mix ingredients, and if necessarcalendula oil smally, add a little Calendula_Oil_4more EVOO to ensure the herb is covered, close and re-shake your bottle.
  3. Place the jar either in a sunny window or your stove top, so that throughout each day, it is likely to heat a little and cool a little, but strive to keep it out of direct sunlight.
  4. Shake Daily for 2 weeks
  5. Strain (You may re-infuse this same oil two or three times for extra concentration and color) and bottle.  Remember to keep your infused oil in a cool dry place.

(Try this Salve recipe from Mountain Rose Herbs or this wonderful recipe from Vagabon Velda!)

Now Serving Dinner!

Originally called, the poor man’s Saffron, The flowers have been used traditionally, throughout the world…  Some of the foods and uses were for:

  • coloring food (such as butter)
  • in Salads (scattering the petals imparted taste and color)
  • as an addition to casseroles (throw them right in that puppy…)
  • included in Salsa
  • Eggs
  • a simple garnish
  • sprinkle it’s petals over cheesy dishes, broccoli, or in Soups

The best part of adding these fresh or dried petals, is their immune strengthening properties, especially in cold and flu season, which traditionally comes around during the darkest parts of the winter, since sunshine and vitamin D that is derived from sunshine would normally kill the flu bug.  Somehow, this makes sense to me, that the very plant that looks like the sun, should help make up for it’s loss during wintertime.Calendula_Infused_Oil

Anyone can grow Calendula…no matter what kind of a gardener you are, and the benefits will be year round.  Think about them this year when you plan your gardens and yards for next spring.


Any statements or claims about the possible health benefits conferred by any foods or supplements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration, healthcare professional, or even the town gossip.

They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Herbs and Wildcrafting is for educational purposes only.



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