DIY Dishwashing Liquid

I’ve been going to try this diy recipe for Dishwashing Liquid for ages.  I needed to know if it worked first.  I don’t like throwing out ideas if they don’t work, and I’ve been trying to get away from those horrible store bought tablets for the dishwasher.

Well, tonight it happened.  IMG_20151215_205406591I ran out of liquid and was in a pinch.  My usual stand-by is vinegar and baking soda, but it leaves a film that makes the dishes white.

They’re clean, but yuck!

Dishwashing Liquid:

4 Large Limes or Lemons


1 C Salt

4 oz White Vinegar

  • Cut up your citrus in small pieces and remove all seeds. ( Your bullet or blender will thank you!)
  • Place them in the blender, add enough water that they can liquify, (water will mostly boil away in the process, so use as much as you need to really blend your citrus.)
  • Pour citrus and water mixture into a stainless steel pan
  • saltAdd salt.






  • Add vinegar





  • Cook just below the boiling point for 10-15 minutes.



  • Finally, press the mixture through a sieve, and keep the liquid for dish-washing liquid, and IMG_20151215_214143390.jpgdiscard the solids. (I usually send things like this out to the chickens…well, someone should benefit from all that lime pulp! )


  • And the liquid is now ready to be stored.  You can put it iIMG_20151215_214840600.jpgn your refrigerator, or under your sink.

Now for the results!  I needed sterilized, clean jars for canning and this is how they turned out! No white film.  Whew!  For me, this was a winner!IMG_20151215_224539231.jpg




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