How Much Alcohol Is Really In A Tincture? And Why I Choose To Use Them

I have to admit, this is a subject I’ve had to do a lot of soul searching on, before I was comfortable with a tincture medically.  After years of  curious and questioning acquaintances, co-workers and friends, the choice on whether or not to uCaliforniaPoppy Tincture.pngse a tincture boils down to one of two things generally.  Either there is a religious restriction on alcohol, or they are ordinary men and women, who just don’t want alcohol in their lives.  Both of those thing apply in my own life.  I get it.  So why do I tincture my herbs?

Lets start with the most obvious question, first.  How much alcohol is in a dose of tincture?  I generally fill a 00 size capsule with my concoctions, resulting in a liquid dose of  roughly .03% of a single ounce (about 1/4 teaspoon), half of which is likely water.  To give you an understanding of  that number, a ripe banana contains roughly .08%, or less than 1% of an ounce of alcohol, as does a small glass of orange juice.  And again to keep a true perspective, most people recognize that the cold medicine Ny-Quil has alcohol; it does at 10%.  But did you know,  a teaspoon of vanilla contains 35% alcohol?   It’s use is ubiquitous, and everywhere!  So a medical dose of tincture contains a minute amount of alcohol.  But is the alcohol necessary? Continue reading