Making Non-Petroleum Herbal Skin Jelly-Done Right!

What’s Up with Petroleum Jelly?

“Vaseline” or Petroleum Jelly has been a staple in the family medicine cabinet for decades.  It’s uses are endless, but it’s still a derivative of petroleum where it’s downside  is often hidden by it’s touted upside.  Continue reading


Making a Strong Yarrow Salve

yarrow-flowerOne of the best herbs to have on hand is the lowly yarrow. From mid-summer to early fall, yarrow is in bloom, with its….well… less than beautiful fragrance….in fact, it reminds me of the kitty litter box sometimes. What I do love is the amazing healing properties that it holds in store!

Last year as I was cutting yarrow with my knife, harvesting for the year to come, not paying much attention to what I was doing, like I should have, I looked down to see the blood dripping, rather quickly from a very deep cut. Continue reading