Making Non-Petroleum Herbal Skin Jelly-Done Right!

What’s Up with Petroleum Jelly?

“Vaseline” or Petroleum Jelly has been a staple in the family medicine cabinet for decades.  It’s uses are endless, but it’s still a derivative of petroleum where it’s downside  is often hidden by it’s touted upside.  Acclaimed for it’s ability to hold in moisture, has been PJ’s calling card for generations, but by it’s veryVaseline-vs-Lube nature, it has a downside as well.  It holds in moisture because it’s not only water soluble, but it isn’t a nourishing, skin loving product this is absorbed by your skin either.  It just sits there, blocking your pores, allowing the bacteria and other nasties to stay put…right where they aren’t wanted, until enough time and friction finally wears it off.  So right where the healing needs to begin, it’s already stagnating, no air, no nourishment, no repair.  Petroleum Jelly is often used on burn, but that can be a mistake as well, since it won’t allow the heat to escape.  Healing will be very slow indeed if that’s the practice.  carrieroils

How about lips?  Everyone when I was growing up everyone used it for it’s glossy, shiny, moisturizing effect….but what we didn’t know, was it was doing the opposite of what we thought.  Vaseline tends to pull moisture from lips and skin in the long run.  Leaving then mor20504182_1022954767840683_209743131_ne thirsty, and dry than they were to start with.

There is a better way.  What your skin needs is skin-nourishing, moisturizing oils.  We love the multi-use of PJ, so lets look at the ingredients in our version, and recreate the benefits and uses of Petroleum Jelly, without the Petroleum!  And if you don’t have time to make it, well, here’s the link to my Herbal Skin Jelly.  Enjoy!


  Herbal Skin Jelly

  • 7.55 Oz  Calendula & Arnica Infused Organic Sunflower Oil (You can infuse your own or find mine here.)  Feel free to replace any of these oils with your favorites!
  • .25 Oz  Extra Virgin Olive Oil (This is a great “Food” for your skin, and is excellent for taking on the properties of other herbs.  Its hydrating, and takes a little longer to sink into your skin, making it a great choice for very dry skin.)
  • .05 Oz  Jojoba Oil (Closely resembles your skins own sebum or wax, making it a natural skin conditioner.)
  • .05 Wheatgerm Oil ( With essential nutrients: plant proteins, fiber, vitamins, minerals (phosphorus, zinc, iron, selenium and potassium) and fatty acids)
  • .10 Oz Apricot Kernel Oil (Rich in gamma linoleic acid to help skin maintain it’s own moisture! High in vitamin A and E,  to soothe your skin and slow the effects of aging)
  • 5 drops Rose Hip Oil (With vitamins, antioxidants (to combat free radicals) and essential fatty acids to help fade age spots, moisturize dry skin, and reduce scars and fine lines.)
  • .5 Oz Candelillia Wax or Beeswax


Place the olive oil (or herb infused oil) and the beeswax into the mason jar and stand on the canning rings which are in the bottom of the pan.

Heat on low until the beeswax has melted, stirring occasionally.

Remove from heat and add essential oils if desired. Stir well.


Pour into glass container, or tin.  Always store in a dark, cool place.

That’s it!

It’s so simple to provide the things your family needs for a fraction of what you’d pay at the store.

Enjoy it!  I’d love to hear what you’ve done with yours!


Any statements or claims about the possible health benefits conferred by any foods or supplements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration, healthcare professional, or even the town gossip.

This is not medical advice, and these statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Herbs and Wildcrafting is for educational purposes only.














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