Spending Time Studying Fractured History


My major, way in the back when, was Ancient and MedFractured History_ieval Texts.  It just happens to be that place in history I love learning about and from.  So I thought it might be fun to take a break for the next few weeks and delve into some of that fractured history as I have learned it.    Enjoy!  Be sure and read this weeks topic of St. Patrick!


The Truth Behind St. Patrick? You Decide.

What do we know of the mystical Druids so steeped in confusing and foggy history? More than you might think!

Druids were often the philosophers, scientists, lore-masters, teachers, judges and counselors to the kings and leaders of the British Islands and had been for nearly a millennia. Then Nero began his campaign to destroy the Christians of Britain, and the Druids, whose motto “The Truth Against the World” now joined the battle against the great Roman war machine.

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Simple Ways To Build Your Food Storage With A Dehydrator

Sometimes as I stroll down the isles of my local grocery store, I find myself stunned that people will pay nearly $30 for a half filled #10 can of peas.  It’s probably the equivalent of 7 pounds of product before dehydration.

There’s a much quicker, simpler way of building that same amount of food to store on a substantially smaller budget.  Those dried peas should only be costing your family about $7, including packaging. Continue reading


Instant Gratification, Refried Beans, Dehydration and Your Food Storage

If you’ve ever looked in your pantry and thought, “What would I do if I couldn’t go to the store, couldn’t get more food easily  or worse, were faced with a long stint of living out of my cupboards for any length of time…” then this blog is for you!

We live in an unstable world.  We are dependent on a thousand things every day for each element of our lives.   Electricity or Natural Gas for our lights, cooking and power.  Most people depend on their local cities water supply for their daily needs here in the USA; we depend on the local grocery store for our food, and the availability of gas in our cars to get us there.  We need the basics of life, and they need to be there when we least expect it. Continue reading


Yorkshire Pie! Time For Some Old World Comfort Food!

On our travels last Christmas we found one of our favorite places (aside from the Highlands of Scotland) were the Yorkshire Moors.  And one of our favorite foods during those travels were the “pies!”  Scotch Pies, Yorkshire Pies, Cornish Pasties….oh, how


Traditionally loved for their ability to travel, pies were the fast food of their day.  Give this simple recipe a try, and let me know how yours turns out!

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Take a Hike! Local Flora and a Little History Too!

Today’s focus may seem a little off topic, since we don’t all live in the same areas of the world, but I hope it will inspire you to get outside and learn what resources, herbs, and local attractions are near you!  You never know whbig-sagebrush-detail3en you’re going to need that kind of information.  It’s a good opportunity to discover and hopefully make use of the things that are within your reach. Continue reading


Aluminum In Your Natural Deodorant? You Might Be Surprised!

Finding a natural deodorant isn’t easy these days, in spite of the myriad of  “”Natural Deodorants.”  Why you might ask?  Because of a slick little secret the Big Natural Deodorants (We’ll call these the “Tom’s of Maine Type” ) doesn’t want you to know.  Continue reading


Making Non-Petroleum Herbal Skin Jelly-Done Right!

What’s Up with Petroleum Jelly?

“Vaseline” or Petroleum Jelly has been a staple in the family medicine cabinet for decades.  It’s uses are endless, but it’s still a derivative of petroleum where it’s downside  is often hidden by it’s touted upside.  Continue reading


Making a Strong Yarrow Salve

yarrow-flowerOne of the best herbs to have on hand is the lowly yarrow. From mid-summer to early fall, yarrow is in bloom, with its….well… less than beautiful fragrance….in fact, it reminds me of the kitty litter box sometimes. What I do love is the amazing healing properties that it holds in store!

Last year as I was cutting yarrow with my knife, harvesting for the year to come, not paying much attention to what I was doing, like I should have, I looked down to see the blood dripping, rather quickly from a very deep cut. Continue reading


How Much Alcohol Is Really In A Tincture? And Why I Choose To Use Them

I have to admit, this is a subject I’ve had to do a lot of soul searching on, before I was comfortable with a tincture medically.  After years of  curious and questioning acquaintances, co-workers and friends, the choice on whether or not to uCaliforniaPoppy Tincture.pngse a tincture boils down to one of two things generally.  Either there is a religious restriction on alcohol, or they are ordinary men and women, who just don’t want alcohol in their lives.  Both of those thing apply in my own life.  I get it.  So why do I tincture my herbs?

Lets start with the most obvious question, first.  How much alcohol is in a dose of tincture?  I generally fill a 00 size capsule with my concoctions, resulting in a liquid dose of  roughly .03% of a single ounce (about 1/4 teaspoon), half of which is likely water.  To give you an understanding of  that number, a ripe banana contains roughly .08%, or less than 1% of an ounce of alcohol, as does a small glass of orange juice.  And again to keep a true perspective, most people recognize that the cold medicine Ny-Quil has alcohol; it does at 10%.  But did you know,  a teaspoon of vanilla contains 35% alcohol?   It’s use is ubiquitous, and everywhere!  So a medical dose of tincture contains a minute amount of alcohol.  But is the alcohol necessary? Continue reading