The Templars Genealogy Quest; What Was So Valuable Under Solomon’s Temple?

If it wasn’t gold and silver the Templars were searching for, what was it?

One of the greatest mysteries surrounding the original nine Templars, was their mission. They weren’t on the highway’s protecting pilgrims, nor did they fight a single battle. Instead records show that they spent their time under Solomon’s Temple Mount. Continue reading


Brythnoth of Essex, Man of Valor, An Example Of Bravery Against The Vikings

Fight or Flight, every man faces it in his lifetime. In that choice we define the rest of our lives. For Brythnoth that moment was 993 AD, against the Vikings.

The Long Serpent made it’s appearance over the horizon despite the prayers of the British, on the Essex Coast, “Save us, O Lord, from the fury of the Northmen!” A prospering country, divided into tiny kingdoms that were undermanned and under defended, stood a ready prey for the Vikings of the 10th Century. Continue reading

Arthur’s Round Table, Gwenivere’s Dowry of Legend

 Where was the Round Table, where Arthur’s Knights met as equals?

As a symbol of equality, the Round Table was reputed to have no head, and no foot; therefore no Knight was lifted one above another.

Considering the time of Arthur, this table would have flouted conventional medieval rules of hierarchy. Traditionally we would see at any table, be it dinner or meeting, the most important and honored guest, usually the King or Lord of the Castle, seated up front, and then according to rank, all members and guests are seated accordingly down the row. Those of highest rank were near the front, and those of the lowest would be seated at the back. The Round Table of Arthurian legend has been portrayed in movies as a meeting place for Arthur and his Knights, in plays as sturdy wooden platforms, and even displayed as a wall hanging in Winchester Castle. The legend further states that the Table was a gift from Gwenevere’s father upon her marriage. A sort of dowry. Ordinarily, a dowry would consist of wealth or land, not a piece of furniture. There are two places that claim to have the round table, Winchester Castle and Edinburgh.

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King Arthur of Britain or Scots? Who was the leader behind the Arthurian legend?

References to King Arthur abound in the British Isles, but some claims may have a stronger case than others.

There are as many theories about who King Arthur was, as there are historians. Some of those theories hold real promise, while others seem to be about legends and possibly tourist dollars.

Welsh tradition lays claim to Arthur as their fellow countryman. Scotland also claims Arthur as their own, and the Round Table as an acutal place near Bannockburn. Where the truth lies is perhaps only to be found within the hearts and minds of those who still seek after this fabled King. Continue reading

“The Truth Against the World” A Song of Freedom for the Druids

Rome destroyed much of what we might have known of the Druids. What they can’t change is the actions of good men and women, who give us an insight into their lives.

Druidic Culture for most of us conjures up Rome’s spin of Stonehenge, and even mystically cloaked creatures flitting through foggy woods. With so little of who they were after Rome had rewritten their history, an easier avenue might be to discuss the lives of Druidic followers. Those who fought under it’s banners in the years of the Roman conquest of Britain. As is so often the case, the best evidence of their beliefs can often be discovered in the conduct of their personal lives.

Beginning with a figure who looms large in British history, Boadicea, Boudicca, or Boudica, fought under the banner “The Truth Against the World.” Continue reading

Making Soothing Body or Baby Powder; No Chemicals, Pesticides or GMO’s!

With the final outcome from Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder Scandal, it’s a firm reminder that we have to do more for ourselves where and when we can.  Whether their product was the cause of the plaintiffs cancer

(which the courts scanvas.pngeem to believe it was), we don’t need to rely on their product or any other; it’s just too simple to make for ourselves. Better still, we can load it with all those amazing herbs and ingredients that assist and nourish our body,   So let’s get to it! Continue reading

The Cursed House of Astolot, Was the death of the “Lady of Shalott” just the beginning?

Lady of Shalott is a famous poem chronicling the life and death of Elaine, fair maid of Astolat. Less known is the story of her brother, and his children, Jack and Jill.

The Water Carriers is more commonly known to us as the lengthy version of the nursery rhyme,

Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water; Jack fell down and broke his crown, and Jill came tumbling after.

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Pelagius, The Welsh Monk, An Understanding of the Pelagian Heresy

Pelagius was a monk who challenged the great machine of the Roman Catholic Church. His beliefs and followers were so wide spread that he could not be ignored.

Pelagius was generally labled a monk, but it is unknown whether or not he was a Roman Catholic since his teachings were so generally Celtic Christian in nature. What we have of Pelagius writing and life are sparse. Born in Wales, this one man created a wave of revolution in the land of the Gauls (modern day France), Scotland, Wales and most of Europe.

The time of Pelagius was filled with a great deal of unrest, Continue reading